Sunday, September 18, 2016


I guess I came back to blogging on impulse. I mean, as much as I truly love and enjoy blogging, I realise, that I just cannot keep up with it. Be it, even once a month... Nah.

Perhaps, blogging will now remain a memory in my life. A use to be blogger.


I don't know.. As much as I want to stay away from social media for life.. I keep coming back. The pull is just so strong, and my Iman is just too weak. Nauzubillah.

I pray with all my heart, May Allah swt have mercy on me for the amount of time I'm spending on social media. Ya Allah.. Ya Rabb.. 😢

This is the end of my blogging life. Soon.. My FB will be disappear. Insya Allah... Please Allah.. Strengthen my Iman.. I only want You. Only You, ya Rabb.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Last day of Ramadhan

Like the title says.. It is the last for the year. I am not sure if I am happy about it. Sometimes I just feel that Eid should come fast and mark its end soon. Just too tired with all the prep and stuff.

I get easily tired these days. I do not know if it is about my age, or does it have anything to do with the mind? Pfft. Prolly vitamin/mineral deficient? Fasting maybe? Perhaps.. I don't know. I just feel so tired. Tired of being tired, yes.

You see, I'm literally annoyed at being tired all the time. For one, I can't even make do sunnah prayers anymore. I so slack in ibadah as well. Matter of fact, I taubah a lot, of late, due to my lack in energy. I couldn't just settle with supplements. I don't like being in long term "medication".

I've tried lemon, cinnamon, honey, ginger.. Habbatus sauda and what not.. Those natural, pure "concoctions" you know.. Sigh. The lack in consistency.

Am I complaining much? Maybe.

Well.. Just too tired of ironing the curtains. Now I gotta hang them up. Work doesn't end at all. Be it at work or home. Ah.. I've got tons to do!

Keeping in mind that salawat keeps me sane. Whatever I do, I salawat loudly and continue. The only supplement that keeps me going.. Allahuwallam.

Oh, and Ramadhan was all good. Just that it is me... I did not make the most of it. Never once did I stayed up late at night. I taubah for it a lot. I just couldn't let it be. No khatam of Quran. But was constantly in a battle with istiqamah. Something very hard to do but I try. Insya Allah.

So yeah.. That being said, Syawal is here tonight.

Happy Eid.

Now back to chores.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Work and life

It is Thursday and I'm counting down to Friday already. It is Iftar gathering at my mum's place tomorrow. Thinking about it boosts my energy level.

Days when I was a home maker, I would cook dishes or do some bakes and bring over to mum's. Sigh.. Now? I simply dread buying food. Also because we are doing it on a weekday.. So, it's kinda hard for me as I will be going to mum's right after work. Oh well.. I'm dealing with "work and home" every day. Struggling to make each day a good one.

Ok.. Work is here.


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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bored randoms

I am sitting on a stool, looking around the office, and the renovation works that is going on outside the office, feeling sleepy and all. There's nothing much to do these few days. So, I am basically bored to the max.

I am just so glad to be back blogging. Maybe I did it at the right time. But I doubt I would get time when school term begins at the end of the month. My AE keeps reminding me that I am the most important person in the office. Grr.

Oh well.. Can't wait for the office to get renovated and all. Alhamdulillah for the air conditioned area. Can't wait!

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Back to blogging

Alhamdulillah! Yay.. Just feels so good to be back. Never thought I would find time to log in back here again, albeit the lingering thoughts.. Since.. Ok, maybe a couple of weeks ago. It's like I just have to pen down my thoughts, or else, berserk I go. Heh.

So yeah.. My big girl is on my bed and we were talking random stuff and so, I'm like telling her that I started blogging again, and that she should read me. This girl! She literally replied, "No way, I would just cringe reading you." Err... Hello? What's up with kids these days huh? She is saying that I don't blog like how I talk in reality. Well.. Harlow.. Like really.. We aren't supposed to type the way we speak.. Yet sometimes I just do. However, I don't quite like the usage of Singlish when I type.. Grr. Oh well. No biggie if she doesn't want to read her mum's blog. Pfft. To think my opening entry is already a grumbly one. Heh.

Well, it's nice to be back here again. That being said, we are into our second Ramadhan.. Alhamdulillah.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My last

This is it.

After much contemplation, I have decided to stop blogging once and for all.

It's been almost 12-13 years.. and sad to say, I will miss blogging for sure.

With that being said, I'd like to wish everyone a happy and wonderful life ahead.

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