Monday, July 4, 2016

Last day of Ramadhan

Like the title says.. It is the last for the year. I am not sure if I am happy about it. Sometimes I just feel that Eid should come fast and mark its end soon. Just too tired with all the prep and stuff.

I get easily tired these days. I do not know if it is about my age, or does it have anything to do with the mind? Pfft. Prolly vitamin/mineral deficient? Fasting maybe? Perhaps.. I don't know. I just feel so tired. Tired of being tired, yes.

You see, I'm literally annoyed at being tired all the time. For one, I can't even make do sunnah prayers anymore. I so slack in ibadah as well. Matter of fact, I taubah a lot, of late, due to my lack in energy. I couldn't just settle with supplements. I don't like being in long term "medication".

I've tried lemon, cinnamon, honey, ginger.. Habbatus sauda and what not.. Those natural, pure "concoctions" you know.. Sigh. The lack in consistency.

Am I complaining much? Maybe.

Well.. Just too tired of ironing the curtains. Now I gotta hang them up. Work doesn't end at all. Be it at work or home. Ah.. I've got tons to do!

Keeping in mind that salawat keeps me sane. Whatever I do, I salawat loudly and continue. The only supplement that keeps me going.. Allahuwallam.

Oh, and Ramadhan was all good. Just that it is me... I did not make the most of it. Never once did I stayed up late at night. I taubah for it a lot. I just couldn't let it be. No khatam of Quran. But was constantly in a battle with istiqamah. Something very hard to do but I try. Insya Allah.

So yeah.. That being said, Syawal is here tonight.

Happy Eid.

Now back to chores.

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